Interview : EMEA MVP Community

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Hello @ tous une petite interview faite sur le Facebook EMEA MVP Community (Un grand merci Martine Thiphaine)

Contenu en Anglais 🙂

A new week, a new interview! Let’s meet SharePoint Server MVP Nabil Babaci from France! #mvpbuzz

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Nabil Babaci and I’m a SharePoint Server MVP since 2012. Mainly, I work on development side of SharePoint Server which I find really interesting. Today, I work for a Software Service company in France.

2. What inspired you to be active in the community?

My drive for community engagement was due to a possibility of sharing my kno…wledge through speaking at conferences or writing technical articles, networking and exchanging ideas on SharePoint.

3. Brag! Tell us about something great you have been working on lately (either community-related or as a technical expert).

Today, I’m working on a Learning Management System project on SharePoint involving more than 100,000 users, but it’s not the only thing that I’m working on! Soon, SharePoint 2013 Cookbook, which I co-authored with 10 others for the French-speaking audience will be published ( It was a great experience for me. Last but not least, I will be at the TechDays 2014 in France as a co-speaker delivering a session called “Hybrid Architecture and governance in SharePoint 2013” with another French MVP (Pierre-Erol Giraudy).

4. What is, in your opinion, the greatest advantage of being a Microsoft MVP?

In my opinion the greatest advantage of being a Microsoft MVP is to be at the center of everything. I mean, you have the possibility to discuss Microsoft technologies with a lot of high skilled people, sharing their knowledge, facing different point of view with the same goal : the passion of the technology.

5. What would you recommend to people who aspire to be an MVP?

I think the first quality of a MVP is that his/her capacity of delivering quality content and popularizing what he’s doing. Being a good communicator can help too.

Thanks, Nabil!


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